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Mosques in Adelaide

You know, Adelaide is known as ‘the city of churches’, but for Muslims, there are plenty of warm and welcoming places for you too. The Muslim community in Adelaide endeavours to play a useful and productive role in the overall community.

Many of the mosques open their doors for non-Muslim Australians to go in and see for themselves that these are houses of prayer, with the aim to encourage social inclusion.

Here are some places you can go to pray in Adelaide. Once you know where you’ll be living or staying, it will be easier for you to pinpoint the right mosque for you.

Where Muslims can go to pray in Adelaide

It’s always comforting to know you can find your community in a place that isn’t your original home. In Adelaide, you’ll be welcomed by a growing Muslim community. As at the 2016 Census, Adelaide’s Muslim population sat at 2.7%.

  • Adelaide City Mosque – This centrally located mosque was originally called the ‘Afghan Chapel’. The building is a sacred and treasured spot for Afghan and Islamic culture and was established and funded by camel drivers in the late 1880s. The prominent minarets that add such familiarity were added in 1903. Address: 20 Little Gilbert Street, Adelaide. Phone: 08 8231 6443.
  • Masjid Abu Bakr Assiddiq – With its beautiful iron gates and Middle Eastern design accents, the Masjid Abu Bakr Assiddiq boasts a spacious, airy interior. Address: 52 Wandana Avenue, Gilles Plains. Phone: 08 8369 0781.
  • Masjid Omar Bin Alkhatab – Million-dollar construction and beautiful inside and out, the Marion mosque has a mezzanine floor for women to use. Currently, it accommodates just 100 sisters and expansion plans are underway to cater for around 500. The plans include an elevator for the disabled and the elderly. The male prayer area currently accommodates 800 and will expand to fit 1,500. Masjid Omar Bin Alkhatab is fresh and modern and is the main gathering centre for Muslims in the South area. Address: 658 Marion Road, Park Holme. Phone: 08 8277 8725.
  • Al-Khalil Mosque – The Islamic Arabic Centre and Masjid Al-Khalil in Woodville North is Adelaide’s largest Masjid. The suburb just 10 kilometres to the north-west of Adelaide’s city centre. It’s a sprawling building that has plenty of space for meetings, classes, community gatherings and classes, which makes it a wonderful gathering spot for local Muslim families and businesses. You can book a tour of the Masjid on week days from Monday to Thursday by visiting the website. Address: 596 Torrens Road, Woodville North. Phone: 08 8268 1944.
  • Rosslyn Harrison House of Prayers – Located in Royal Park, there are wudu and toilet facilities available. Address: 21 Allan Street, Royal Park. Phone: 08 8347 0946.
  • Elizabeth Mosque – This house was converted into a mosque into 2000and is located approximately 28 kilometres north of Adelaide CBD. Address: 139/141 Hogart Road, Elizabeth Grove.
  • Parafield Gardens Mosque – This mosque offers Quranic and Islamic Studies for children on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Sunday School is offered too. The location is around 16 kilometres from Adelaide. Address: 92 Shepherdson Road, Parafield Gardens.
  • Bosnian Herzegovina Muslim Society of SA – Located at 1 Frederick Road, Royal Park. Phone: 08 8447 3259.
  • Mahmood Mosque – Located in Beverley, a western suburb just 6 kilometres from Adelaide’s CBD. Address: 6-8 Toogood Avenue, Beverley. Phone: 0402 388 965.
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Other places for Muslims to pray in Adelaide

Aside from formal mosques, there are other places you can go to pray in Adelaide, for instance, if you are a student or you are flying into or out of Adelaide.

  • University of South Australia (East) Musalla – At this Uni, the musalla can be found on Level 2 of the Playford Building. Male and female rooms are available. Address: Corner of Frome Road and North Terrace, Adelaide.
  • University of South Australia (West) Musalla – Find your way to the Sir George Kingston Building at the Uni SA City West Campus. You’ll find the musallah on Level 2, in Rooms GK25/26. Address: 47-55 North Terrace, Adelaide.
  • University of South Australia (other) – Prayer rooms are also available at the Magill Campus, St Bernards Road, Magill and Mawson Lakes Campus, Mawson Lakes Boulevarde, Mawson Lakes.
  • University of Adelaide (North Terrace) Musalla – Go to Level 6, Union Building where there are separate male and female prayer rooms. Wudu facilities are available. Address: Corner of Victoria Drive and Kintore Avenue, Adelaide.
  • Adelaide Airport Domestic/International Terminal – When transiting in or out of Adelaide, or if you work at the airport, there is a multi-faith prayer room on the premises. Be aware that jummah is not permitted. It is located on Level 2 between the NewsLink and Rip Curl retail outlets and is accessible during operating hours. Address: Sir Richard Williams Avenue, Adelaide Airport.
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital – Though not a dedicated Muslim prayer room, there is a lovely, quiet Chapel and Sacred Space where you can go to pray. It is on the main concourse, Level 3, Zone B. Address: Port Road, Adelaide. Phone: 08 7074 0000.

Adelaide’s Muslim culture

In Adelaide, you’ll find plenty of resources to assist you in finding support and assistance if you are of the Muslim faith.

  • Muslim Women’s Association of South Australia – Membership of more than 300 women and their families. MWASA provides settlement services for Muslims who have recently arrived in Australia, and also basic and intermediate classes in computing and English. There are youth programs, home support for seniors and the association can refer you to Muslim doctors, Imams and other Muslim service providers. Address: 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide. Phone 08 8212 0800.
  • Islamic Society of South Australia – The ISSA is an inclusive and welcoming organisation that provides social, spiritual and educational services to the Muslim community. Mosque tours are offered to the general public. Turn to the ISSA for aged care assistance, marriage services, counselling and education. Address: 658 Marion Road, Park Holme. Phone: 08 8374 2280.
  • Islamic Information Centre of South Australia – IICSA offers free public seminars and lectures, public events such as festivals and information, Islamic School services, youth camps, Arabic language classes, Summer School, recreational events and more. They also provide settlement services for Muslim migrants and international students. Address: 1/53 Henley Beach Road, Mile End. Phone: 08 7226 6268.


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