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7 Day Outings to Do in Margaret River

Margaret River in Western Australia (WA) is one of Australia’s premier tourism destinations and there is so much to do there that it really deserves a week’s stay.

However, if you’re only passing through, there are tons of things to do that can be done in a single day. It all depends on your favourite activities.

1. Yallingup Maze

Be a kid for a day and have loads of fun at Yallingup Maze where you will be challenged to find your way through the tricky wood panel maze. The fresh air and sunshine will do you a world of good and you can take as long as you like to finish.

Within the maze itself are four numbered towers so you can choose your level of challenge. You might like to race your friends or just enjoy the exercise as you meander through. Even if you’ve done it before, the maze changes on a regular basis.

Later, grab a coffee and something healthy to eat at Puzzle Café where you can even play the free puzzles and games. Yallingup Maze is a fantastic day out where you can just relax and have a wonderful time.

2. Amaze’n Margaret River

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If Yallingup isn’t enough maze for you, then you might like to try the stunning 21-year old Amaze’n Giant Hedge Maze which is set among five hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens.

Abundantly inhabited by butterflies and native birds, the setting also features an 18-hole Mini Golf course so you can be outdoors for longer, having even more fun.

Bring your own ingredients to cook up a sumptuous lunch on the shaded gas barbecues and once you’ve eaten, tackle the ground puzzles such as giant chess, noughts and crosses, bocce and hopscotch. There’s a café on the site so if you don’t fancy cooking, there’s still plenty to eat.

3. Sunflowers Animal Farm

Animal lovers adore Sunflowers Animal Farm and Farmstay because not only do you see the creatures up close, but you can even feed them and hold them. Visitors of all ages find something special at Sunflowers, with plenty of room to run around and explore.

There are horses, alpacas, llamas and cattle as well as kangaroos, ostriches and emus. Bird life is abundant with geese, ducks, chickens and galahs and little children will adore the guinea pigs, chicks, lambs and rabbits.

You can buy buckets of food and wander around offering it to the different animals. Hailed as one of the more reasonably priced activities in the Margaret River region, Sunflowers is loved for the caring staff and well cared for animals, making it a pleasant experience for all.

4. Sip ‘n’ Cycle Winery Tour

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How well do you think you could ride a bike if you’ve been tasting wines? Well the Sip ‘n’ Cycle Winery Tour will be the best way to test that and if the reviews on TripAdvisor are any indication, it’s infinitely possible … even if quite amusing!

Instead of driving through wine country and seeing the scenery through the windows of a bus, riding a bike will immerse you in the true atmosphere. Even those with basic fitness can handle the tour which travels an 18km route, all at your own comfortable pace.

Pedal through some stunning Australian bushland, over hill and dale and take in the sights and fragrances of the beautiful vineyards. Taste fabulous Australian wines and end your tour with a platter of fine local produce as you relax in a shady vineyard.

5. Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste Lighthouses

Lighthouse enthusiasts never miss an opportunity to check out lighthouses wherever they go. When you’re in Margaret River, you have two to choose from! There’s the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse on the most southern westerly tip of Australia which was built in 1896 using local limestone and which, even today, is the tallest lighthouse on mainland Australia.

It is serviced by fresh spring water that comes in via the waterwheel and wooden flume, and the light itself was completely manually operated until 1982 when electricity was connected, replacing the kerosene burner which was one of the last remaining in operation in the world.

The tower contains seven storeys and features 186 steps to reach the top. Fully guided tours are available.

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The second, situated just 13 kilometres from Dunsborough is Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse which opened in 1904 and was also constructed using local limestone.

Climb the steps to the top and you’ll be standing 123 metres above sea level, with breathtaking views over the Indian Ocean, Geographe Bay and the national park. During your guided tour, you’ll learn all about the functions of the lighthouse and the history of the area.

If you’re there between September and December, you may even catch the annual whale migration.

6. Brewery Tours

Do you enjoy your beer? How about cider? With a Margaret River Brewery Tour, you can choose a ‘Full Strength Tour’ or a ‘Mid Strength Tour’ and taste both, or wine. You’ll be picked up from your accommodation and taken to visit four local micro-breweries where, at each, you’ll enjoy tastings to see how the beverages are made.

You’ll go behind the scenes at a brewery to see how the beer is produced and then feast on a gourmet lunch made with fresh local produce, before being returned to your hotel. The great thing is, the tours start at 12pm so you can sleep in and then hop aboard the bus at your leisure.

There is no fresher beer than beer that comes straight from the tap at the brewery so make this one a priority if you enjoy a refreshing ale.

7. Floating Euphoria

When you’re touring, sometimes you just want to stop and do nothing. Well imagine doing nothing in an environment that is completely free of sensory stimulation. It’s just you and your thoughts, to be quiet and still and reflect on whatever you choose to revisit in your mind.

Floating Euphoria offers floatation tank therapy which provides both physical and mental benefits. The float pod is filled with water with a high concentration of Epsom salts (magnesium) so that you are able to effortlessly float in the warmth.

You can even choose between total darkness and quiet or pretty lighting and soft music. You’ll emerge totally relaxed, your aching muscles soothed and your mind relieved of unnecessary burdens.

Choose your favourite activity and book it in!

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When you only have a limited amount of time, you want to be sure that you do the thing that excites you the most. Choose the activity you love and be sure to book it in before you head over to Margaret River so you don’t miss out.