Direct-billing medical providers

What are direct-billing medical providers?

Our network of direct-billing medical providers includes local doctors (GPs) and specialists who submit your claims to us directly. We organise payment to be made directly to them, to give you a seamless electronic process which means you do not have to fill out paperwork to have your claim processed.   

Please note: Some providers charge only the MBS fee; other providers can charge more than the MBS fee, which creates a gap fee which you may have to pay. You should always check with your provider if they charge a gap fee before incurring any costs.

Do all medical providers offer direct-billing in Australia?

Not all medical providers are direct-billing. You need to confirm all costs, billing methods and out-of-pocket-fee you may incur before visiting a medical provider. If you have an OSHC or OVHC policy with us, you have access to our network of direct billing providers all around Australia.

Find a Doctor

Find our network of providers through our platform Find a Doctor. Benefits of using our Find a Doctor platform include:

  • The ability to choose your location
  • Finding which language(s) are spoken by the doctor
  • Searching by different medical specialties, and
  • Choosing between male and female doctors.

If you visit a direct billing medical provider, all you need to do is provide your valid membership card at the time of treatment (either the plastic version or via the My OSHC app) and the doctor will bill us directly for the covered amount of your bill.  Any charges not covered by your policy must be paid by you directly to the medical provider.

What if I don’t use a direct-billing medical provider?

You can access any other medical practice or doctor in Australia that is not a direct biller. You will be required to pay the bill, and submit a claim to Allianz Global Assistance in order to have your claim reimbursed.

You may incur an out-of-pocket fee (also known as a gap fee) if the amount a medical provider charges is more than the benefit you’re entitled to under your cover. We recommend you confirm all costs with your doctor or hospital before any procedure or consult so that you are aware of all costs including any out-of-pocket fee.

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