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OSHC Extras

Need extra cover for dental, optical, physio and more?

Like all Australians, your base medical cover does not include services such as dental, optical and physiotherapy.

OSHC Extras is an optional health insurance policy that covers some common services you might need from time to time, like getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist, new reading glasses or physiotherapy treatment.

The OSHC Extras policy has been designed especially for international students studying in Australia.

What's covered?

Just $161.46 for 6 months ($322.92 per year) covers you for*:

  • Dental – Up to $500 per year for basic restorations, diagnostic services, extractions and oral surgery.

  • Optical – 75% of the cost of glasses/frames and contact lenses, up to $150 per year.

  • Physio – Up to $350 per year for physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathic consultations and treatment. You’ll receive $35 back on the initial consult, $25 back on consults 1-10 and $15 back on consults 11+.

Good to know

Keep in mind the annual limits listed above are based on the financial year (1 July to 30 June) and are per person unless stated otherwise.

General dental services have a set benefit amount for each item. Give us a call before your treatment to find out exactly how much you’ll get back for each service.

There are a few things that aren’t covered by OSHC Extras, for example non-prescriptions glasses, contacts or sunglasses, and major dental work like crowns, dentures and orthodontic treatment. For a full list of exclusions, read the Policy Document.

Waiting periods

Most health funds have waiting periods on some services to keep things fair for all members.

A waiting period is a period of time applied to each new membership, or when cover is upgraded, during which benefits are not payable.

If you’re transferring directly from another health insurance fund with a similar level of cover, no waiting period will apply on services covered. Otherwise after joining the fund or upgrading your cover you’ll need to wait 2 months for dental, physio, chiro and osteo, or 6 months for optical.

For more info on OSHC Extras:

OSHC Extras provided by Peoplecare Health Limited.

*Limits, exclusions and waiting periods apply. See the Policy Document for details.

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