OSHC  - Waiting Periods Explained

The OSHC policy includes waiting periods for the treatment of pre-existing conditions (i.e. a condition that you had in the 6 months prior to arriving in Australia or grant of your student visa).

This means if you received treatment for a pre-existing condition during the relevant waiting period, you cannot claim for the costs and you will need to pay the entire amount.

What are the Waiting Periods for OSHC?

The waiting periods will differ depending on which OSHC policy you have purchased.

Standard cover

Essentials cover

When do Waiting Periods start?

Your waiting period will start from either:

  • the date you or your dependant (as the case may be) arrived in Australia; or
  • the date your Student visa was granted, whichever is the later date.

For example, you are about to start your university studies in Australia. You purchase an OSHC policy  and successfully applied for a 500 Student Visa. Your student visa was granted on 25th January however you arrive in Australia on 15th February. Your waiting periods will start on the 15th February.

Waive your Waiting Periods

We can waive your waiting periods if you are switching your policy from another OSHC provider.

If you are switching to Allianz Global Assistance from a similar policy held with another OSHC insurer, and there has not been a gap in your coverage of more than 30 days, we will count the time you were covered under your previous policy towards any waiting period which applies to your coverage with us. To transfer your OSHC, you’ll need to provide us with a clearance certificate from your current Fund.

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