Celebrate New Year’s Eve safely

31 December 2017

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration across Australia. Every city, big or small, and most regional centres and towns all hold celebrations to welcome in the New Year.

Millions of people celebrate New Year’s Eve in Australia, which falls on December 31 each year.

When attending celebrations, there are a few tips to make sure that you keep safe and avoid the risks that come with large events and Summer holidays.

Plan your New Year’s Eve celebration

Regardless of where you intend celebrating New Year’s Eve, you should plan your activities.
If you are attending an event where there is a big crowd, make sure all members of your group know where to meet in case you become separated.

Sometimes, telephone networks are under strain from the amount of people sending messages, photos and making calls while out celebrating. This means that if your group becomes separated, sending messages or calling to find missing friends may not be an effective option.

So, it’s best to agree on a place where anyone can go if they become separated from the group. And, it’s the responsibility of the group to make sure that everyone stays together!

Nominate a driver

If your celebration includes drinking alcohol, ensure that there are nominated drivers to transport people to and from celebrations.

Driving after drinking inhibits the driver’s ability to make good judgements, is illegal, and increases the risk of accidents that result in serious injury or death.

If the event is at your home, make sure your guests have someone to drive them home if they have been drinking, or they take public transport if available. Alternatively, have extra beds ready for guests who may need to stay the night.

Drink responsibly

If you are planning on drinking alcohol as a part of your New Year’s Eve celebrations, do so responsibility. Avoid consuming too much alcohol and pace your drinks.

It’s a good idea to alternate between one drink of alcohol and one drink of water throughout the night.

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Secure your home and pets

Whether your New Year’s Eve celebration is at your home or you’re heading out, make sure that your house is securely locked. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and not be as cautious as you may normally be.

As fireworks usually occur on New Year’s Eve, make sure your family pets are safely secured. The noise and lights from fireworks can be distressing for pets who often flee in fear. As a result, some pets are lost whilst others can become injured. To keep them safe, secure your pets in your house, garage, shed or their regular accommodation.

Stay hydrated in the heat

New Year’s Eve occurs at the height of Summer in Australia. So ensure that you remain hydrated by drinking water.

Heat exhaustion in Summer is common and, in the fun and frivolity of New Year’s Eve, it’s easy to forget regular hot weather precautions.

If your New Year’s Eve celebrations start before sundown, also ensure you have adequate sun protection (hats, sunscreen), as well as adequate water.

Attending fireworks

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In most cities and towns, fireworks are lit to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Often, there are two firework events – one at 9pm for families and children and then another just prior to midnight to welcome in the new year.

In almost every state in Australia, fireworks are not available to the general public to buy or use. In states where they are available, there are specific requirements and permits you must meet to obtain them.
Large, on-the-spot fines can be issued by police if fireworks are used without a license. Selling fireworks illegally can result in fines of tens of thousands of dollars and potential jail time.

New Year’s Eve is a great, annual celebration that is enjoyed all across Australia. Taking a few precautions will ensure that you enjoy the night out and minimize the potential seasonal risks that come with these summer holidays.

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