What are General Practitioners (GPs)?

In Australia, if you’re feeling unwell you can see a doctor, also known as a general practitioner or GP, at a medical centre in your local area.  Find a doctor near you.

Your doctor may prescribe medicine to treat your condition, which you can purchase at a pharmacy using the prescription from your doctor. Read about paying for medicine with an OSHC or OVHC policy.

To understand why you’re feeling unwell, your doctor may send you for blood tests, X-rays or ultrasounds.

For serious concerns, your doctor will refer you to an expert in your specific illness. These are called specialists. A specialist will create a treatment plan with you and report back to your doctor.

GPs and specialists charge different fees depending which one you visit and what services they provide. Similarly, what’s covered by Allianz Global Assistance also varies based on who you see, which services they provide and which policy you hold. Learn more about what OSHC covers and what OVHC covers.

If you can’t get to a doctor, don’t worry – Allianz Global Assistance has a telehealth service which allows you to speak to a doctor by phone or video anytime. Access to this service is available for OSHC and OVHC members (excluding Budget Working cover and Budget Visitors cover). Find out more about our telehealth service.

Hospitals are only for emergencies. An emergency is a serious illness or injury that poses an immediate risk to your life or long-term wellbeing. If you are you in a medical emergency, call 000 immediately for an ambulance, or go directly to your nearest hospital. Read more about identifying medical emergencies and getting medical help.

How to find a direct billing GP

Allianz Global Assistance has an extensive network of medical centres and doctors that offer direct-billing services.

Using our network of providers makes it easier for you to claim when you visit a doctor. All you need to do is provide your valid membership card and the doctor will bill us directly for the covered amount of your bill.

Make sure you choose a doctor or medical provider that specifies they can direct bill.

Learn more about direct-billing medical providers