Online Health and Wellbeing Classes

It is important now more than ever to maintain your physical health, mental health and wellbeing. That is why we have launched a series of FREE online instructor-led classes designed to support physical and mental wellbeing. Choose from a range of online classes including Group Fitness, Yoga and Mindfulness and Meditation.

How to Join?
Attending an online class is easy. Simply scroll and select a class of your choice at the time available. Once the time comes, simply click on the 'Join' button below and you will be directed to your ZOOM link.

The online classes are FREE and can be conducted in the privacy of your home on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Yoga9 am AEST

Circuit27 am AEST


Mindfulness8.30 am AEST

Circuit27 am AEST

Yoga9 am AEST

Mindfulness2 pm AEST

Yoga4 pm AEST


Core & Mobility6 pm AEST

Mindfulness7 pm AEST


No responsibility can be taken for injuries sustained from, or as a consequence of, your participation in these classes. It is your responsibility to advise & to consult with your medical practitioner for their approval and recommendation on the appropriateness to participate in the Health and Wellbeing Classes. Please notify your teacher if you feel any discomfort during class or have any pre-existing medical condition. Please ensure you are practising in a safe place away from hazards. If you are feeling unwell, seek medical attention and do not proceed with the class.

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Group Fitness 

Strength and Fitness with Fit Squared

Fit Squared is an innovative health and fitness organisation. Fit Squared use scientifically proven approaches to create smart, safe and fun workouts. Choose from three fitness classes to suit your preferred styles from HIIT2, Circuit2 and Core & Mobility.

Fit Squared is owned and operated by Ahmad Feisal. Ahmad is passionate about helping his clients to become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.

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HIIT2 (Beginner and Advanced) 

45 min online class

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is when you alternate between high and low-intensity exercise or between high-intensity exercise and a short period of rest.

Class Timetable

Mondays at 6 pm AEST

Meeting ID: 865 9467 7434
Password: 021711

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Thursdays at 7 am AEST

Meeting ID: 881 9978 2391
Password: 021925

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Circuit2 (Beginner and Advanced)

45 min online class

Circuit training is a high volume but low resistance form of training where participants rotate through a number of stations, performing different exercises to time or repetitions, back to back, with minimum rest until the circuit is completed.

Class Timetable

Tuesdays at 7 am AEST

Meeting ID: 894 7474 7017
Password: 023419

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Fridays at  7 am AEST

Meeting ID: 822 2459 5750
Password: 026928

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Core & Mobility (C&M)

45 min online class

Having a strong core and being mobile with your joints and body is very important. A strong core and sound mobility provide a good base to be able to progress with different movements and succeed in everyday life. This program will be suitable for both beginners and advanced participants.

Class Timetable

Wednesdays at 6 pm AEST

Meeting ID: 823 0800 3140
Password: 004170

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Yoga Class

Yoga with Neighbourhood Yoga

Established in 2014, Neighbourhood Yoga has been a sanctuary for yoga students seeking a modern, down to earth place for practice. Julieanne has a background as a performing artist, alongside a comfort in leading people and facilitating movement, Julieanne has a creative sensibility which makes her classes meaningful and fun. 

Visit Neighbourhood Yoga

Class Timetable

45 min online class

>Mondays at 9 am AEST

>Wednesdays at 4 pm AEST

>Fridays at 9 am AEST

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Mindfulness with Dr Sarah Pollock

Dr Sarah Pollock is a clinical Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in mindfulness. The sessions will involve calming strategies and focus on techniques to improve mood and focus.

Class Timetable

20 min online class

Mondays at 2 pm AEST
Meeting ID: 845 0043 3090

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Wednesday at 7 pm AEST
Meeting ID: 848 0368 6176

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Thursdays at 8.30 am AEST
Meeting ID: 847 5171 0049

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Tips and Etiquette for attending your class

Spots are limited to 500 attendees and we want to ensure your class is private so you can enjoy your experience. Here we have listed some tips to access your class.

How to Join your Zoom class?
Attending an online class is easy. Simply scroll and select a class of your choice at the time available. Once the time comes, simply click on the 'Join' button below and you will be directed to your ZOOM link.

Use Appropriate Username

If you are asked for a display name when signing-in, please enter an appropriate professional name.

Always Mute Microphone
This ensures you enter class quietly without bringing sudden noise to the call. Throughout the class, it is best to keep your microphone muted unless the instructor is asking for questions. This will minimise any background noise and disruption.

Your Camera
We’ve found that turning off your camera can help increase the clarity of the instructor's audio. Also, this ensures your experience is private. This is particularly helpful in the Yoga and Mindfulness classes Don't worry, you will be able to see and hear your instructor.

However, in Fitness Class you may find it helpful to have your camera on. That way your instructor can help with technique.

Note: your instructors can also mute the room's audio and turn off cameras.

It is important that all attendees feel safe and respected. If there is any disruptive behaviour or obscene language the attendee will be removed and blocked from the class immediately.