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Improving your English

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Whether you’d like to brush up on your English skills, or learn from the very beginning, the best way to improve your English is by practising as much as you can.

10 simple ways to practise and improve your English

  1. Listen and observe how native speakers talk
  2. Stick labels on items at home so every time you see them, you’re reminded of the word
  3. Join a club or meet-up group so you can meet other English speaking people and have conversations
  4. Try to speak English as much as possible with your friends, co-workers, neighbours and anyone else you interact with
  5. Listen to an English-speaking radio station or podcast and repeat what you hear out loud
  6. Avoid watching TV and movies with subtitles in your own language
  7. Read a newspaper or magazine in English out loud to yourself or a friend
  8. When you go out for dinner, order your meal in English instead of pointing at the menu
  9. When you meet someone new, tell them it’s ok for them to correct your English if you say something wrong
  10. Start a diary in English and write in it every day

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