Living in Australia

Mental health

While moving or travelling to a new country is usually an enriching and exciting experience, it can also have its challenges. There may be times when you feel uncertain in the unfamiliar environment, out of place or lonely.

It’s perfectly natural to experience these feelings, but it’s important to know when something is not right.

Stress, anxiety and feeling down

Feeling sad, anxious and stressed can be caused by many situations, and living abroad can add strain to your mental health.

Your mental well-being can be affected by:

  • pressures of studying
  • stress at work
  • a change in culture
  • being away from family and friends
  • living conditions – overcrowding, lack of privacy, insufficient place to study, noise levels and difficulties living with strangers
  • financial difficulties.

Everyone gets stressed, anxious and depressed at times, but if it’s constantly affecting you and stopping you from enjoying life, it’s important you do something about it.

Where you can get help

Getting help and support is the best way to tackle your mental health problems. The sooner you speak to someone, the closer you’ll be to feeling better again.

There are lots of people you can speak to, including:

For more information about mental health and support, visit:

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