Living in Australia

Road Safety Tips

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Driving in Australia

In Australia, driving rules change depending on the state or territory you’re in, so make sure you know and follow the relevant road rules at all times – wherever you’re travelling within Australia.

Here are a few tips to help you stay safe on Australian roads:

  • Drive on the left-hand side of the road
  • Don’t drink alcohol or take drugs and drive
  • Obey speed limits, traffic lights and signs
  • Wear a seat belt at all times – both drivers and passengers can be fined if caught without a seat belt
  • Always carry your driver licence with you
  • Never use your mobile phone while driving
  • If you’re travelling in more rural areas at night, be careful of wildlife on the road
  • Be aware of pedestrians – especially in areas where there are schools, shopping centres and elderly persons
  • Keep a safe distance from cyclists and motorcycles
  • Avoid driving when you’re tired and make sure you take regular breaks if you’re travelling long distances

Visit the Australian Government website and select the state or territory you’re visiting to become familiar with Australian road rules.

Pedestrian safety

As a pedestrian, it’s just as important to make sure you’re aware of Australian road rules, how to stay smart and use roads safely.

  • Always cross the street at traffic lights or a pedestrian crossing where provided
  • Only cross the road at traffic lights when the green walking signal is displayed
  • Never assume a driver will stop or slow down for you
  • If there’s no crossing, avoid crossing the road where you cannot see approaching traffic
  • Always use footpaths where they’re provided – people walk, jog, push prams and ride bikes on footpaths, so keep to the left and be courteous of others
  • Always wait in designated areas (bus, train or tram stops) for public transport
  • At railway level crossings, wait for the boom to rise and flashing lights to stop before you cross