Study tips while self-isolating

28 April 2020

The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change our life to a new model. Here are a few easy tips that might help you continue studying virtually in self-isolation.

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1. Create a safe space:

While most of us are confined to our homes, it can be easy to lose track of our physical space. It is time to Marie Kondo your room (declutter your room) and create a tidy space to study. Research has shown that a clean room leads to a clear mind, as it can reduce anxiety. Creating a specific space to study, whether it is a desk in your room or living room can help in building a studying habit and reducing procrastination.

2. Maintain a daily routine: 

Renowned self-help author Robin Sharma based his book The 5 AM Club on how following a morning routine can lead to personal growth. Consistently following a daily routine amidst uncertainty, can help you stay accountable and can reduce stress and bring structure in our life. Try to wake up and schedule study periods at the same time to ensure that you are on track with your assignments. Check out our easy tips on how you can maintain an effective sleep schedule as part of your routine.

3. Take breaks:

Our brains can only retain so much information after an hour. Study in smaller sessions and schedule in tiny breaks throughout the day. After a long session, reward yourself with fun activities like solving a puzzle or a healthy snack. This will help you stay accountable and refresh your brain before the next session.

4. Exercise:

One of the most important things we all must do to maintain calm in confusing times is exercising. Working out not only lifts your mood but also improves your memory. There are plenty of workouts that you can try at home. You can even mix up cardio with yoga, 4-minute Tabata or shake off your worries with a dance session to keep things interesting. Take this time to boost your immunity with some simple changes in your lifestyle.

5. Socialise (virtually):

Thanks to technology, self-isolation does not have to feel lonely. Take this opportunity to catch up with your friends over a video call and check in on each other. Schedule a group session with your study mates instead of an email thread. Popular apps like Houseparty allow you to have a session with your friends while playing games like Pictionary, Heads up or Trivia. 

6. Set up a worry time limit: 

Consuming media while trying to study and maintaining a daily routine can get overwhelming. While we like to stay updated, taking in so much information can take a toll on your mental health. Make sure to check the news only once or twice a day. It is important to keep a time limit on your worries while solely focussing on the current moment.

This is a difficult time that we are all facing, and the best we can do is support one another. If you are worried about the pandemic affecting you or your loved ones, make sure to reach out to a friend or access our telehealth service via the Doctors on Demand App. You can also find a medical provider close to you on our Find a Doctor platform.