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Student Discounts and Discount Days in Australia

Students are not the richest people in any crowd! When you’re prioritising your time for study, holding down a job to earn a living has to be a lower priority. That means you have to be clever about how you spend the money you do have.

Happily, many businesses and organisations in Australia offer student discounts and places like cafes, bars and restaurants offer student discount days. Here are some ways you can save money while studying, and still get to enjoy going out for meals, drinks and other attractions.

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Is Australia an expensive place to study?

Well that depends on a lot of different variables but in general, Australia is considered to be a premium destination for international students. That said, the quality of life, the safety and security and the living standards are worth every dollar. Take advantage of as many student discounts as you can to offset the higher costs.

Save money on travel with student discounts

When you need to book flights to and from home, or you want to get around and see a bit of Australia, check with your local travel agency to see if they offer student discounts. They can help you with all kinds of travel such as flights, car and campervan hire and bus and rail passes. There are also other Australian travel agencies that assist students so take a look around the web.

There are 27 YHA (Youth Hostels Australia) properties around the country and they frequently offer discounts to students. Wherever you need to go or stay, always enquire as to whether student discounts are offered, before agreeing to part with your money.

Discounts on computer products, software and electronics

Don’t pay any more than you absolutely have to for technology items. Many retailers offer cheaper pricing on computer hardware (tablets, laptops, keyboards, headphones, etc.), software (word processing, animation, music, MS Office, etc.), calculators, cameras, digital pens and more.

For textbooks, you’ll find cheap prices on used books at Student VIP and you can even get some money back for yourself by selling your own there.

Buy cheap name brand stuff from UNiDAYS

You sign up for free at UNiDAYS and get instant access to cheap pricing on clothes from big name brands and stores. With your UNiDAYS ID, you can also get student discounts in the stores themselves by downloading the free app. Buy from retailers like Levi’s, The Iconic, asos, Showpo, Vans, Ray-Ban, Bonds and many more. UNiDAYS also gives you access to cheap student pricing on other categories including Beauty, Lifestyle, Food, Health & Fitness and Technology.

Student discount days in Australia

As a student, you will probably have time off when other people are hard at work. Businesses need to fill quiet gaps in their trading hours and attracting students is a good way to do it.

  • Sign up to be notified – Whenever you find a business you like, sign up for their emails or apps or notifications. Your favourite burger restaurant, juice bar, pub, café, bakery or other food outlet – particularly if it’s in a location with a high concentration of students – will likely offer student discounts. They often hold ‘student discount days’ as well as happy hours.
  • Get your personal services at a lower price – Your barber or hairdresser or local nail salon may do a half price student discount deal on quiet days of the week. Just ask.
  • Ask about fun events on the cheap – Check with bowling alleys, paintball parks, cinemas, escape rooms, public swimming pools, museums and comedy clubs if they offer student discount days.
  • Eat for less – Try your local pizzeria, noodle bar, sushi train, McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks, Nando’s, Grill’d and other food outlets. Ask if they have a student discount day each week.

Other ways to score student discounts

Everywhere you go, wear your student status like a badge of honour! Businesses all over the place are willing and happy to help your dollar go further.

  • Independent grocers – It never hurts to ask at your local fruit and vegetable shop, butcher or corner store if they offer a student discount. Many do.
  • Car repairs/servicing – Your mechanic might be happy to lower the price on servicing or repairs for your car if you show your student ID.
  • Mobile phone repairs – Cracked screen? Water damage? Don’t stress; look around online or in a shopping centre for a mobile phone repair business that offers student discounts.

You never get if you never ask

The one big takeaway for this article is to always ask! Busy store owners and staff are not going to try and guess if you’re a student. Be ready with your student ID and always find out first if there are any student discounts, special offers or particular days when you can take advantage of extra low prices. The more money you save on the things you have to buy, the more money you’ll have for the things you want to spend it on.


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