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Top 10 Weekend Jobs in Australia for International Students

When you come to Australia to study, you may want to work part-time on your weekends to save up some money or put towards your entertainment or tourist activities.

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We’ve looked around and found the top 10 weekend jobs in Australia for international students. Depending on your interests and the type of person you are, there are jobs that will suit what you’re looking for.

Why weekend jobs are a good idea

As an international student, you might be partly or fully financed by your parents. After all, studies abroad don’t come cheaply! But even if you don’t desperately need the money to fund your studies, there are great reasons for finding a weekend job.

  • Independence – It feels good to earn your own money.
  • Socialising – Working puts you with other people and helps you build your friendship networks.
  • Experience – Job experience is important because it helps you grow accustomed to workplaces, colleagues and employers.
  • Language – If English isn’t your first language, working on the weekend can help you improve your English skills.
  • Spending money – Those Australian dollars in your bank account will come in handy for visiting tourism sites, buying new clothes, eating out instead of cooking and many other things you may want to buy.

In Australia, most employers will pay your wages into a bank account, and not by cash. If you are required to wear a uniform, it may be supplied or you may have to purchase it. Be aware that there are rules and regulations in the workplace that you may not be aware of such as clothing restrictions, grooming requirements, eating on the job or entering into relationships with fellow workers.

1 – Fast food

Working in the fast food industry is somewhat of a rite of passage for many young people. It could be McDonald’s, Red Rooster, KFC, Nando’s, Mos Burger or even a local burger shop or another chain stores. In some jobs, you may receive a staff discount so you eat cheaply! Fast food weekend jobs keep you busy and offer a range of shift hours, especially as some outlets are open 24 hours a day.

2 – Restaurant staff

You could be a waiter or a host/hostess. Working in restaurants is a great way to meet customers who are in a good mood. They’re eating out and having a fun time and you’re there to help them. You might even receive tips from happy customers!

Do you have food preparation skills? If not, you can learn on the job. Being a kitchen hand is hard work and you often have to move quickly but you’ll gain new skills and feel satisfied with a job well done. Other positions include bus boy/girl, dish washer or cleaner.

3 – Service station attendant

Often involving shift work, all of the fuel suppliers require staff to serve customers filling up with fuel and who make purchases in store. You should be able to request shifts that revolve around your requirements.

4 – Bartender

For those who are good with people, being a bartender can be fun and interesting. You’ll pour and mix drinks, talk to customers, stock the bar, wash glasses and be ready with a smile. Bar tending can mean you’re on your feet for the whole shift but the atmosphere is usually fun and time passes quickly.

5 – Promotions

Companies hire promotional staff to hand out free samples, take customers through surveys, talk to prospects, guide them through demonstrations and show off products. This can be a really fun weekend job and you could be working in a shopping centre, a nightclub, at the beach or out on the streets. You need a friendly, approachable personality and lots of energy.

6 – Retail sales

Working in a shop is a dream come true if the shop sells the kinds of products you love! Imagine selling jeans, chocolates, candles or makeup? You would get to touch, smell and show off these things every day you work. Help customers select the flavours, styles or fragrances they prefer and you’ll be making people happy whenever you’re at your weekend job.

7 – Cleaner

Cleaning doesn’t sound like the most glamorous job and it can be hard work but if you’re the type of person who likes to work hard and not deal with too many people, this could be the weekend job for you. You might be cleaning bathrooms in an office or you might be cleaning kitchens in restaurants. People who love their cleaning job report feeling extremely satisfied when they look back at the space and see how much better it looks.

8 – Tourist attraction attendant

Whether it is an amusement park ride or a local wildlife sanctuary, you’d be out in the sunshine, dealing with excited people and helping them have the time of their lives. You’d probably receive a pretty good staff discount too so when you’re not working, you can visit your favourite attractions (maybe with your friends and relatives) for a much lower price!

9 – Supermarket night fill

All those shelves in the supermarket don’t fill themselves! A night packer is a person who goes into the supermarket when it’s closed to the public and restocks the shelves. The environment is quiet and easy-going, and you get a bit of exercise while you’re earning money. Often, the pay is a bit higher because of the after-hours shifts.

10 – Food delivery driver

You could work for Uber Eats or one of the other food delivery services, or you could be employed by a local restaurant to deliver their pizzas, pad thai or burgers. The latter may provide a car or scooter for you to use. The biggest drawback of this work is that you have to smell the delicious foods you’re delivering, but not eat them!

Make sure your visa allows you to work

Before you apply for or accept a weekend job, you must be sure you hold a visa that allows you to work. If you are in any doubt, check with your immigration agent. Working outside of the terms and conditions of your visa could get you in trouble and ultimately, see your student visa cancelled.

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