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Are you considering Australia as a destination for your university studies? Congratulations! As one of the world’s favourite choices for international students, Australia offers excellent institutions, quality degrees that will take you all over the world and outstanding, state-of-the-art facilities that help you do your best.

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We’re about to show you the top three universities in Australia for Computer Science. If that’s the degree you’re looking to undertake, then you really must take a look at these schools which scored spots in the top 50 Computer Science and Information Systems rankings as designated by QS World University Rankings.

The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne’s School of Computing and Information Systems focuses on five key areas: data and knowledge, computer science, platforms and systems, people and organisations and artificial intelligence. A huge claim to fame is that the university owned the country’s first computer – the CSIRAC – which was commissioned in 1956.

Once installed, it wasn’t long before academic courses in computing began to be offered. Originally known as the ‘Computation Laboratory’ and later as the ‘Computation Department’, the names seem quaint by today’s standards. In the late 1960s, it was renamed again, this time as the Department of Information Science. With such a long history in computing under its belt, it’s no surprise that The University of Melbourne is the number one Australian institution for Computer Science studies.

Today, students are welcomed to undertake Computer Science courses even if they have never programmed before. Good grades in mathematics and communications are the primary requirements, and not programming proficiency. Alternatively, introductory subjects are offered in Information Systems that don’t include study in programming but take a look at the social and business aspects of computing.

If you’re interested in an undergraduate major, you will be looking at a Bachelor of Design or Bachelor of Science degree. You can choose to major in computing and software systems, spatial systems, digital technologies, computing or data science. As a University of Melbourne student, you would study for three years full-time at the Parkville campus and there are two intakes annually; March and July. How to apply (Bachelor of Design).

The Australian National University

The ANU College of Science in Canberra, the nation’s capital, claims to be “Australia’s premier institution of excellence in computing and communications science and technology”. Its campus is where you’ll find the largest supercomputer in the country’s university system. Choose from a range of Bachelor degrees including Bachelors in: advanced computing, applied data analytics, engineering, information technology, or software engineering.

A three-year full-time Bachelor of Information Technology from ANU will give you a strong understanding of computing fundamentals and the chance to work in one of the world’s most rapidly growing industries. The degree is accredited by the Australian Computer Society.

An ATAR score of at least 80 is required or, as an international student who hasn’t completed high school in Australia, you will have to meet other entry requirements. You may be eligible for a scholarship so be sure to examine these possibilities.

ANU is known for its job-ready graduates, who are ranked number one in Australia for employability. Graduates have been employed at Australian companies such as Energy Australia, Telstra and Qantas and worldwide at organisations like IBM, Yahoo, Microsoft, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Intel. How to apply.

The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney’s Computer Science courses include a Bachelor of Advanced Computing, Bachelor of Design Computing, Bachelor of Advanced Computing and Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Advanced Computing and Bachelor of Science and many more. Read an explanation of international student entry scores.

The Bachelor of Advanced Computing is touted as “Australia’s most innovative computing course”. Along with computing subjects, you can also choose from more than 100 cross-disciplinary majors including the arts, commerce, music or science and follow your passions.

You will work with the latest computer technology in state-of-the-art facilities and be taught by some of the most brilliant minds in computing. After three years, upon graduating with your Bachelor of Advanced Computing, you can choose to go out into the world and find employment or go on to undertake advanced professional and research skills for a fourth year.

If you’re looking to complete a Computer Science degree, what better place than Sydney? And The University of Sydney’s international student enrolments have doubled in the last four years. In fact, more than a third of their students are now from overseas, predominantly from China. How to apply.

Interesting facts about careers in computer science

  • An in-demand degree. Never mind recessions and oversupply of graduates; the demand for skilled personnel with computer science backgrounds is growing incredibly. Tech jobs cannot be performed by unskilled workers and if you have been to uni and qualified with a degree, you are probably already being sought by eager employers.
  • Work in any industry. You’ll be able to work in a vast array of different industries because there would barely be an industry today that doesn’t rely on computer power to get their work done. From farming and agriculture to medicine and space and everywhere in between, computer science is increasingly needed.
  • You can start small and work your way up. Beginning with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, you can find employment that recognises your qualification and then you can continue to up skill as your career unfolds.
  • The sky’s the limit. A career in computer science can be very lucrative! Some of the highest-paying jobs in the field are Software Engineering Manager, Software Development Manager, Infrastructure Architect, Applications Architect and Enterprise Architect. Each of these roles pays around $150,000 per year; more, depending on the employer organisation!

Entry level computer science jobs that are in demand

See which of these sparks your interest: Computer systems analysts, software applications developers, web developers, network systems administrators, computer help desk specialists, database administrators, computer systems engineers, software quality assurance engineers.

Why study Computer Science in Australia?

Australia is a mecca for international students, not just for the beautiful beaches, clear skies, warm weather and friendly people. More and more, Australia is being recognised as a country with world-class educational institutions.

Our universities make regular appearances on credible ranking sites, competing against the likes of the US and the UK for positions. Australian qualifications are recognised worldwide and our statistics for employability are up there with the best of the world’s universities.

Come Down Under and hit the books … your education will be top notch and you’ll have a fantastic time staying in one of the world’s most liveable countries too.


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