What Is a Tutor in Australia, And Should You Get One?

Australia is a warm and friendly place to visit and study. When you’re undertaking your studies, a tutor can be really useful in helping you navigate your university courses, especially if you have times where you might be finding your studies challenging.

Tutors enjoy helping others and accessing one is a good way to extend your network in Australia. Plus tutors can also double as mentors which help motivate you to be your best.

Here are some tips on how to find one.

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What is a Tutor?

A tutor is someone who is a private teacher who teaches people one on one or via a small group basis. They specialise in various disciplines such as Maths and Physics (which are major subjects required for Engineering), Accounting, Medicine and Marketing. In fact, there will be tutors available for any field of study at an Australian academic institution.

How do I find a tutor in Australia?

There are a number of ways where you can find tutors:

  • There will usually be tutors at your university who are willing to spend their time helping you out. They might be people in your field who are close to finishing their studies at that educational institution (or may be undertaking post graduate study), so they know what you’re about to experience. You might see fliers or advertisements on campus for tutors
  • You can undertake a Google search for tutors in your specific field and city, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to find someone who speaks your first language so that you’re more comfortable with digesting information in your chosen field of study
  • You can also find tutors at Tutorsfield where background checks have been undertaken on all tutors listed on their websites
  • Gumtree is a website that displays ads for an endless array of products and services. You can search Gumtree for second hand goods through to home cleaning services. It’s also a great place to search for a tutor to assist with school or university studies. Simply type in the search field what you’re looking for and include the search radius (e.g. 5km, 20km, 100km). You can contact the advertisers directly
  • Look on LinkedIn for relevant tutors in your field of study and city, and check out social media posts from tutors advertising their services.
  • Talk to others you know have accessed a tutor and find out what they’re like, and if the tutoring helped.

In addition to subject based tutoring, there’s no doubt that life is easier anywhere when you have a proper grasp on the local language. If English isn’t your first language, an English language tutor that specialises in working with people from where you’re from will be the best way for you to learn in addition to your course tutor. See more at our article on improving your English.

What to look for in a tutor

Make sure you know what you’re looking for by assessing what the tutor is offering so you can articulate what you require when you contact them. Also, see if their teaching plans relate to the subjects you are studying.

Don’t be shy to ask for their academic results or qualifications and achievements too. Also, ask how long they have been tutoring for. Many tutors have achieved a high grade point average and have probably completed their degree, or have progressed to post degree qualifications such as a Master’s degree or PhD.

Before you agree to take on a tutor, make sure you check the terms and conditions and know how much you will be paying your tutor per hour.

Tutors will travel to your place of residence or other places like your library or even a coffee shop for regular sessions or on an ad hoc basis.

So, do you really need a tutor?

If you need help with a range of subjects for your school, college or university studies, tutoring can be of great assistance. Instead of struggling to learn on your own, a tutor can make all the difference! Working one-on-one together makes it easier to grasp concepts and work at your preferred pace.

Start searching today and you’ll find the perfect solution to your tutoring requirements, either at an educational institution, in your own home or at a location that’s convenient for you.

And at some point, you might want to become a tutor yourself and help others when you progress through your studies!

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