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Universities In Melbourne

If you’re considering studying in Melbourne, you’ll have an excellent array of Universities to choose from. There are 7 major Universities there and the city hosts campuses of an additional five. Three of the majors have enrolments of over 50,000 students each.

People who are trying to choose where to live, study or holiday often add Melbourne to their shortlist because it’s such a gorgeous city, with a reputation for safety, culture and liveability.

Which is the best University in Melbourne?

Well, that’s very subjective. Ask students and they’ll tell you it’s the one they go to. Ask employers and they’ll all have a very different idea of which is Melbourne’s best University. What matters more to which you ultimately choose is the entry requirements, the tuition fees and the courses they offer.

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Choose a University whose culture you like

Aside from the obvious academic aspect of University life, there’s a lot more to consider when choosing a Melbourne University. If you’re a very social person, you’ll enjoy a campus that has a vibrant social culture with lots of societies and clubs to choose from. If you’re into sports, then choose one that has outstanding sporting facilities. For those who are serious students who are less interested in extra-curricular activities, your priority will be on academic facilities and the lecturers.

It can be easy to be seduced by world rankings for the Universities – or, conversely, put off by a lower ranking – but the fact is, at the end of your course, you will end up with a recognised degree. It’s important to choose an institution where you will feel at home and feel most comfortable in its learning environments.

Melbourne University courses

Let’s see which courses are available at which Melbourne University.

  • La Trobe University – Arts, social sciences and communications; health; science; business and commerce; IT and engineering; education and teaching; law and criminology.
  • Monash University – Art, design and architecture; arts; business and economics; education; engineering; IT; law; medicine, nursing and health services; pharmacy and pharmaceutical services; science.
  • RMIT – Architecture; art; biomedical sciences; building; business; communication; community services; design; education; engineering; fashion; game design; health science; IT; law; science.
  • Swinburne University of Technology – Arts and humanities; aviation; built environment and architecture; business; design; education; engineering; film and television; games and animation; health; IT; law; media and communication; nursing; psychology; science.
  • University of Melbourne – Architecture, building, planning and design; arts, humanities and social sciences; business and economics; education; engineering; environment; health; IT and computer science; law; music and visual and performing arts; science; veterinary, agricultural and food sciences.
  • Victoria University – Arts; biomedical science; building design; building surveying; business; community development; construction management; criminal justice; criminology; dermal sciences; early childhood education; education; engineering; exercise science; fitness; health science; human nutrition; IT; law; midwifery and nursing; outdoor education and environmental science; outdoor leadership; paramedicine; physical education and sport science; psychological studies; science; teaching; social work; sport management; youth work.
  • University of Divinity – Philosophy; theology and ministry; biblical languages; children and families ministry; divinity; pastoral care; spirituality; biblical studies; church history; counselling.

Why should you choose from Melbourne Universities?

To be honest, the standard of education across tertiary institutions in Australia is world-class. There are always going to be more prestigious Universities anywhere you look but in Melbourne, you can take your pick of some of the highest-ranking Australian ones. Seven Melbourne universities made the QS World University rankings list. The University of Melbourne was the second highest ranked in Australia, coming in only after the Australian National University.

Among international students, Melbourne is considered one of the world’s top five favourite study destinations. The city’s liveability ranking is high thanks to the weather, the outstanding café scene, the focus on music and the arts, the cool nightlife and the natural attractions.

In Melbourne, you’ll find it easy to get around thanks to the comprehensive tram, train and bus networks. Eating is cheap and there are endless choices from a huge variety of cuisines. You can study at the well-equipped free public libraries and enjoy free wi-fi in many places around the city. Melbourne is positioned well for student accommodation too since there are around 277,000 students there, including about 91,000 from countries right across the globe.

English is a requirement of entry to a Melbourne University and you will need to show proof of your English language skills. As for staff/student working relationships, students are allowed to challenge their lecturers in discussions. Tutors and lecturers are quite accommodating and will help students if they are facing difficulties. Students can request additional help but are mostly encouraged to be responsible and independent.

The most beautiful Universities in Melbourne

Two of Melbourne’s Universities have appeared on a list of the 10 most beautiful Universities in Australia. Monash University’s main campus at Clayton has its very own postcode thanks to its size. Among its buildings, the campus boasts incredible modern architecture. On the interior of ‘The Cave’ is a special room with a 360° curved wall upon which 3D images are projected, creating a dazzling display.

At the University of Melbourne, Australia’s second oldest, the Parkville campus boasts lots of open, green spaces and features contemporary architecture along with beautiful sandstone buildings.

When all’s said and done, it’s not the aesthetics that will influence your decision on which University in Melbourne to choose. Still, being a part of a community that cares about its environment has merit.

Check out University open days

It’s a good idea to go along to an open day at your choices of University. Each institution’s website will have details about their events and how you can go along. You’ll be able to look around the campus, talk to lecturers, meet other students, explore the facilities, find out about their courses and generally get a feel for the place, the Uni and its culture.


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