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Living In Perth

Perth locals love their city’s spacious, leafy feel, great weather and quirky art and music scene.

But don’t just take their word for it: Perth was ranked the world’s fifth most liveable city by The Economist in 2017. Not bad for one of the most isolated major cities on Earth, outstripped only by Honolulu.

In fact it’s closer to East Timor and Indonesia than to the cities of Australia’s Eastern seaboard. Originally named after the city of Perth in Scotland, Western Australia’s capital is not only the sunniest city in Australia, but the fastest growing one too, with great employment opportunities.

Facts And Figures

The People

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  • Notable for the very high proportion of British-born residents
  • Population: 2 million
  • Average age of residents: 35.8
  • Average net monthly salary: $4,370
  • Top 5 overseas-born populations: United Kingdom, New Zealand, Malaysia, Italy and South Africa

The Weather

  • Climate: Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters
  • Average temperature: 12.7-24.6oC (56-76oF)
  • Annual rainfall: 850mm
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Cost of living

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Perth is pretty average when it comes to affordability.

The cost of living can be considered high but the local economy and job market are strong to balance things out, and housing is certainly not as expensive as some other Australian cities.

  • Median house price: $520,000
  • Monthly rent on a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre: $ 1,522
  • One-way ticket on public transport: $4.00
  • 1 litre of milk: $1.59
  • Loaf of bread: $2.68
  • 1kg of apples: $3.98


Public transport in Perth isn’t the best, but there a few different ways to get around, including buses, trains and ferries. Visit for detailed information on Perth public transport.

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Attractions & Sights

Perth residents love their sport and with the beautiful weather making outdoor fun irresistible, why not join them to watch a game or even take part?! AFL (Australian Football League, also known as Aussie Rules Football) is definitely a favourite amongst locals.

Other popular sports include cricket, basketball, soccer (football) and rugby union. Perth Arena hosts the Hopman Cup tennis tournament in the first week of January every year, and the Perth International golf tournament is held at Lake Karrinyup Country Club annually.

Other big events that take place in Perth every year include:

The Perth Cultural Centre is the place to go for some classy entertainment. It’s home to:

There’s still plenty of culture to experience if you do venture out of the Cultural Centre. For example:

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Perth boasts a thriving local music scene, thanks in part to the city’s isolation and frequent exclusion from touring schedules.

In fact it has been the breeding ground for some of Australia’s biggest names in music including John Butler Trio, Birds of Tokyo, Tame Impala, San Cisco, Eskimo Joe and Jebediah. Some of the best places to catch a live music gig are:

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If you’re a history buff, you’ll enjoy a wander around the city’s fascinating heritage buildings like the Old Court House in the CBD and the Old Mill in South Perth.

Indulge in some retail therapy and hit up Perth’s best shopping strips on the Murray Street, Hay Street and Forrest Place pedestrian malls.

We bet you’ll be impressed with the selection of chain stores and boutiques on offer, whatever your budget.

Take a day trip to the fertile Swan Valley to sample fantastic locally-made produce, in particular:

  • Tasty tipples like wine, beer and rum
  • Yummy treats like chocolate, coffee, honey, olives and cheese
  • Mouth-watering seasonal fruit like grapes, melons, stone fruit, citrus and strawberries
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Negatives To Consider

While there are certainly many positives to living in Perth, consider the city’s geographic isolation and relatively high crime rates compared to other Australian cities before you make a decision on your new home in Australia.

Decided To Move To Perth?

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Congratulations! You’ll need to get the essentials sorted before you leave or soon after you arrive. Here are some tips on setting up the basics you’ll need to start your new life.


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