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Mosques in Perth

Welcome to Perth where the sun shines for most of the year and the warm weather will warm your heart and soul. And when you need a place to pray to give thanks for this beautiful place, you won’t be short of options. With more than 40,000 Muslims living in Western Australia, you’ll find that festivals such as Eid-ul-Fitri and Eid-ul-Adha are popular events.

Where you can go to pray if you’re a Muslim in Perth

Here is a list of mosques in Perth that will welcome you at prayer time, at times of festivals and feasts and when you need support or assistance, or just a place to meet your brothers and sisters in Islam.

  • Perth Mosque – The city’s oldest mosque, it’s situated in Northbridge, in Perth’s CBD. Perth Mosque welcomes all nationalities and boasts lovely aesthetics on the exterior. Open days are sometimes held there, and the community strives to be inclusive to all. Address: 427 William Street, Perth.
  • Al Majid Mosque – This large, Malay-run mosque is located in the suburb of Padbury which is approximately 23 kilometres north-northwest of Perth. All prayers are offered including formal jummah. The mosque is wheelchair accessible and there are child-friendly sections of the premises. Address: 64 Walter Padbury Boulevarde, Padbury. Phone: 08 9403 7548.
  • Rivervale Mosque – Established in 1975, it is coordinated by the Islamic Council of Western Australia and is situated almost 7 kilometres to the south-east of Perth CBD. Address: 7 Malvern Road, Rivervale. Phone: 08 9362 2210.
  • Ar Rukun Masjid & Multicultural Centre – Established back in 1994, the Ar-Rukun Mosque became the new congregating place for Muslims in the area, who used to get together at a school canteen in Cooloongup. Now, its multicultural functions hall is offered to both Muslims and non-Muslim organisations and is used for weddings, sporting activities and meetings. It is located in beachside Rockingham, approximately 47 kilometres south-west of Perth. Address: 4 Attwood Way, Rockingham. Phone: 08 9527 8633.
  • Masjid Al-Rahman & Islamic Centre – Open for all prayers. English and multicultural services are provided. The location is approximately 25 kilometres south-east of Perth CBD. Address: 54 Mills Road West, Gosnells.
  • Canning Masjid & Islamic Association – A Turkish mosque in Queens Park, 11 kilometres from Perth’s CBD, Canning Masjid is primarily Turkish speaking however English is also spoken there. It offers wheelchair accessibility, all prayers including jummah and a separate prayer area for women. Address: 273 Welshpool Road, Queens Park. Phone: 08 9451 8699.
  • Kenwick Musalla & Islamic Centre – You’ll find this mosque 18 kilometres to the south-east from Perth. Address: 408 Brickley Road, Kenwick. Phone: 08 9459 0476.
  • High Wycombe Mosque – Also referred to as Madrasa Talimuddin Darul-Iman, the mosque is situated around 18.6 kilometres east of Perth. There are plans underway to create Western Australia’s largest mosque here. Address: 126 Sultana Road West, High Wycombe. Phone: 08 9454 8356.
  • Maryam Mosque – Offers Arabic services, gender barriers, wheelchair accessibility and good public transport nearby. Dhuhr, Asr and Maghrib are offered. Address: 2 Poisettia Way, Dianella.
  • Bunbury Musholah – Truly a multicultural gathering spot, run by The Islamic Association of Bunbury, it used to be confined to Muslims of Christmas Island and Cocos origins. Today, it is a meeting place for Muslims from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, Ghana, Guinea Republic and more. Bunbury is about 173 kilometres south of Perth. Address: 11 Rose Street, Bunbury. Phone: 0409 289 902.
  • Bosnia & Hercegovina Cultural & Recreation Centre – Officially opened in 1998, this centre is now a hub for members of the Bosnia and Hercegovina community. All prayers except jumaa are conducted there and there is a soccer field on site, enjoyed by youths. The address is approximately 12 kilometres to the north-east of Perth City. Address: 289 Beechboro Road North, Perth. Phone: 08 9401 2375.
  • Masjid IQRO – Situated 11 kilometres to the south-east of Perth, IQRO is where you’ll find materials and services such as a library, martial arts classes, books, audio and video materials and of course, prayer. Its website says it provides Islamic education and social welfare for the Indonesian and Australian community. The centre welcomes Muslims and non-Muslims seeking authentic information. Address: 45 Kent Street, Cannington. Phone: 08 9258 4781.
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More mosques throughout Perth

  • Alhamd Association Musalla – 246 Walter Road, Morley. Phone : 0425 560 040.
  • Alhidaya Centre Masjid – 29 Berriman Drive, Wangarra. Phone: 08 9309 6691.
  • City West Musalla – 840 Wellington Street, West Perth. Phone: 0419 936 106.
  • Clarkson Musalla - 27 Sarasota Pass, Clarkson. Phone: 0412 033 225.
  • Community Centre Musalla - 3/5 Hughes St, Canning Vale. Phone: 08 9456 4056.
  • Crawley UWA Musalla - Eastern Side Winthrop Hall, UWA35 Stirling Highway, Crawley. Phone: 08 9380 3838.
  • Geraldton Mosque - 172 George Road, Beresford. Phone: 08 9964 1318.
  • Kenwick Musalla and Islamic Centre - 408 Brickley Rd, Kenwick. Phone: 08 9459 0476.
  • Mandurah Community Musalla - Thomson Street, Mandurah. Phone: 0468 389 941.
  • Maylands Islamic Centre & Mosque - Maylands Maylands Shopping Centre, Guildford Road, Maylands. Phone: 08 9271 3332.
  • Mirrabooka Mosque-Masjid Al Taqwa - Noorul Islam Society, Lot 433 Boyare Avenue, Mirrabooka. Phone: 08 9248 8559.
  • Mount Lawley ECU Musalla - 2 Bradford Street, Mt Lawley. Phone: 08 9370 6111. 270 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup. Phone: 08 6304 0000.
  • Murdoch University Musalla - South Street, Murdoch. Phone: 0421 249 422.
  • Musalla - 1019 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park.
  • Musalla & Islamic Centre - Lot 30, 408 Bickley Road, Kenwick. Phone: 08 9459 0476.

Other places for Muslims to pray in Perth

Here are some other suggestions for Muslim prayer facilities in Perth.

  • St Paul’s Church, Beaconsfield – On Fridays, Muslims are offered space in St. Paul’s Church to observe Friday prayers. There are no barriers to separate genders and English services only are provided. Address: 162 Hampton Road, Beaconsfield.
  • Curtin University Musallah – At this university, Buildings 510 and 541 are reserved for Muslim prayers and religious events. There is a partial barrier separating genders and English services are provided. The Curtin Muslim Students Association can be found at Kent Street, Bentley. Phone: 08 9266 9266.
  • Perth Airport – When transiting to and from Perth, you can use the non-denominational prayer room on the ground floor at T1 International. It’s located near the public Arrivals Hall.
  • Royal Perth Hospital – There is an interdenominational chapel on Level 3, North Block and a Muslim prayer room on the ground floor of Ainslie House.

As a Muslim, you will find plenty of places in Perth that will accommodate your prayer needs. The state of Western Australia is multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-religious, with people who have come from over 200 countries around the world.


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