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In keeping with our commitment to the health and wellbeing of students, Allianz Global Assistance is pleased to announce our partnership with student safety support service provider, Sonder Australia Pty Ltd.

What is Sonder Australia?

International students arriving in Australia often feel both excited and anxious. They may ask themselves “What will it be like to study in a foreign country where I have no friends or family nearby?” or “Who do I contact if I’m in an accident or fall seriously ill?”. Sonder Australia is a critical response and service company that utilises a vast national network of crisis professionals to offer in-person assistance, day or night.

Exclusive Allianz Global Assistance Agent offer

Allianz Global Assistance has teamed up with Sonder Australia to provide OSHC customers access to a comprehensive and personalised safety and welfare support service, available 24/7 across Australia. In recognition of the fact that everyone needs help sometimes, especially when moving to a new country, we are proud to make available this world-first technology platform and network of on-call local experts to our customers to ensure they have access to help, when they need it.

Here’s what Agents need to know about the offer:

  • Sonder Australia is a value-added benefit for Allianz Global Assistance OSHC policies
  • Policies must be purchased directly through an approved Allianz Global Assistance Agent
  • With each sale of an OSHC policy between 6th September 2017 and 5th September 2018 your customers receive unlimited access to the "Sonder Essentials" package for 12 months from the date of their policy
  • **Exclusive** to Allianz Global Assistance OSHC customers

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Ensure your customers get access to Sonder

  1. The customer’s email address must be collected upon the sale of each OSHC policy so that we can activate student welcome emails. Every customer must download the Sonder Australia app and register with Sonder Australia where their email address will become their unique login username.
  2. Please ensure you booktrack all sales.
  3. Students are only eligible for Sonder Australia if they purchase their OSHC policy through an Allianz Global Assistance approved education partner. Note: If a customer purchases online, they will not be eligible.

What this means for you as an agent

As an Allianz Global Assistance approved agent, you can increase your rate in converting more students overseas.

  1. Provide a genuinely unique point of difference and market-leading solution in the product you offer that will increase your close rates
  2. Support your students with information that is simple to explain and demonstrate and will provide them with a high level of service and support
  3. Access to and use of the "Sonder Essentials" package is a no-added-cost product with the Allianz Global Assistance OSHC policy - saving students and their families $365*

*Retail product valued at $365. OSHC policies sold through an Allianz Global Assistance approved agent in the promotional period will receive the Sonder Essentials product as a no-added-cost to their Allianz Global Assistance OSHC policy.

How does Sonder work?

The "Sonder Essentials" product provides access to a student safety network, which can provide 24/7 in-person critical incident assistance when required. Critical incidents are considered those that pose an immediate risk to the student’s health and welfare, e.g. where the student is:

  • Hospitalised, injured or seriously ill
  • Involved in an accident (e.g. vehicle, bicycle, sport)
  • A victim of a crime or
  • Needing to contact local emergency services (police, ambulance, fire, etc)

Sonder Essentials members will also enjoy the benefits of the Sonder mobile app, which includes four key functions: DISTRESS, CHECK IN/OUT, WALK WITH ME and I’M SAFE.

The Sonder Platform

Sonder’s mobile app immediately connects students to Sonder Australia's national support network - all at the touch of a button. This enables Sonder Australia's teams to resolve any issue in a fast, effective and decisive manner.

This sends a priority, geo-referenced alert notification to the Sonder Australia Support Centre to enable immediate in-person support, Australia-wide.

This function enables a student to have the ability to be remotely monitored, providing peace of mind and assurance, whilst not compromising privacy.

This function is a navigation platform which remotely monitors a student’s location and route, providing high levels of assurance when travelling alone or in an unfamiliar environment. The Sonder Australia system responds to inconsistencies and alerts Sonder Australia such that, if required, immediate support can be provided.

In the event of a large-scale public or environmental incident, this function enables Sonder Australia to immediately understand the safety of students via a geographic alert system.

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Sonder Australia newsfeed feature

As an added benefit, OSHC policy holders who have downloaded and registered with Sonder Australia students will be able to receive localised news feeds and cultural information on demand. OSHC policy holders will have access to pre-departure information tailored to their circumstances to help them prepare for their journey, with full features available upon their arrival in Australia.

See an example of the newsfeed here:


If you have any issue or questions, please contact the International Health team on