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How to Make Friends in Hobart

Hobart is a stunningly beautiful city with a small population and plenty of natural assets. If you’re planning to visit or move there, you’ll want to know how to make new friends.

Well, given that Hobart is a friendly place that is also accustomed to tourism, you shouldn’t have difficulties at all. We’re going to give you 10 suggestions on where to find your new friends.

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No. 1 Volunteer in your spare time

Volunteering is a brilliant way to make new friends in Hobart! In the process, you’ll be providing valuable services to people or organisations who need assistance. Perhaps you’re skilled at tutoring or mentoring, or you like being outdoors, or maybe you adore animals; there are sure to be volunteering roles for you.

The Tasmania Fire Service welcomes interest from volunteer fire fighters. If you love working with horses, you could help children and adults with disabilities learn how to ride. Scouts Tasmania occasionally seek volunteers to be Assistant Leaders.

No. 2 Join or start a Meetup group

Meetup is a worldwide online service that facilitates community. You can go into and search for your interests and there’s almost sure to be a group of people engaging in activities you’d enjoy. There are business groups, friendship groups, groups for cooking enthusiasts, birdwatchers, chess lovers, fans of the arts, people who want to expand their social circle and others who want to play trivia, get together for karaoke or for cooking or language lessons. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can start your own Meetup group!

The kinds of things you can do in a Hobart Meetup group are many and varied. Go bushwalking, learn about property investment, join a sewing group, play Cards Against Humanity, go wine tasting, cycling, hiking or mountain climbing. Get together with like-minded intellectuals or musical instrument players.

Indulge your passion for photography, learn how to folk dance, go along to a pot luck dinner, take a life drawing class, share your expertise, gain from others’ knowledge. There is no limit to the variety and there is always something happening. By their very nature, Meetup groups are inclusive and welcoming.

No. 3 Go to church

Even if you’re not particularly religiously inclined, as long as you’re open to meeting people who are, then church is a great place to meet other members of your community. On Sundays, many churches hold meet-and-greet morning teas and then host other events throughout the month.

There could be youth groups, choir recitals, bingo, charity drives or community service days. If you don’t feel like you ‘fit’ with one church, try another. Be sure to introduce yourself to the priest or minister to let them know you’re looking to make friends in Hobart.

No. 4 Find a job in hospitality

Working in a café, bar or restaurant can often connect you with people who could become your friends. Those are environments where people are already looking to socialise and if you engage a customer in conversation, you may just find out that they’re looking for new friends in Hobart too! Be warm and approachable, smile a lot and be ready to meet potential buddies.

No. 5 Join a gym

Granted, some gyms are for hard core gym junkies who have no time for conversation. But others are social environments where you can score a chat and join in extra-curricular activities. One way to be visible is to compliment someone on their workout gear, their technique or even their posture. Be approachable; wearing headphones or ear buds or being glued to the TVs or a magazine won’t make you look like you want to be friendly.

Take a class you enjoy such as yoga, spin, pump or Zumba. Anyone else who attends is someone who has similar interests to yours. Spot someone approachable and ask if they’d like to join you for a juice afterwards.

No. 6 Get into board games

Board games are cool all over again! Forget about the tattered boxes in your garage; there are people lining up to play a whole wealth of new and classic board games in Hobart. The Hobart Games Society – ‘HoGS’ for short – welcomes players every weekend to play strategy tabletop games. All ages go along, from pre-teens through to seniors and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, free coffee and tea. Your first visit is free of charge and then it’s just $5 each time you go along.

No. 7 Play sport

Are you a keen footballer? Do you love hockey? Enjoy indoor cricket or beach volleyball? Look for Hobart sports clubs where you can join a team and find instant friends. If you like martial arts or want to learn, sign up for hapkido or judo. Hobart has so much to offer including clubs for table tennis, swimming, tenpin bowling, tennis, netball and even American gridiron and historical European fighting!

No. 8 Get into medieval re-enactments

Here’s a suggestion that’s a bit ‘out there’ but nonetheless exciting for those who try it. The Barony of Ynys Fawr holds regular events such as medieval dancing, archery training, fighter training and arts and science project nights.

No. 9 Join student social groups

The Tasmania University Union assists Uni students across the state with a range of needs to do with student rights. The TUU also lists Societies and sports clubs you might like to join. Take your pick from anime and manga, acrobatics, arts and Amnesty International to TASPOP (Tasmanian Popular Culture Society, Taiko Japanese drumming and pen and paper roleplaying games. The sports clubs cover a wide range including diving, fencing, futsal and more.

No. 10 Step outside your own culture

When looking to make friends in Hobart, it’s important that you look beyond your own cultural boundaries. Whether you come from Brazil, China or France, there is a whole world of other nationalities in the city. If English isn’t your first language, then making friends for whom it is, will help you to broaden your communication skills.

One great way to ingratiate yourself to others is to invite them to join you for a home-cooked meal. It doesn’t have to be fancy. One dish that you are good at preparing will be well appreciated by your new acquaintances. If you’re not comfortable inviting them to your home, then offer to host a small picnic in the park or at the beach.

Be brave … and smile

It’s often difficult to make friends, even when you’re in your own familiar territory. Just know that Hobart is a friendly city with lots to see and do, and plenty of public places where you can slot yourself in to an activity. Look for the host and tell them that you’re new in town and would like to make friends in Hobart and before you know it, you’ll have new contacts in your smartphone and a calendar that will soon be busy with social invitations.

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