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Universities In Tasmania

Planning to study in Tasmania? What an excellent idea! Not only will you benefit from access to some of Australia’s most breathtaking scenery and a pristine environment, but you will also gain a world-class education. There is only one University in the island state and that’s the University of Tasmania, or UTAS for short.

Don’t, for a second, believe that just because UTAS is remote and located at the bottom of Australia, it’s any less prestigious or effective in delivering the degree you seek. In fact, when choosing where to live, study or holiday, Tasmania has everything you need.

The best University in Tasmania

Ok, so it’s the only University in Tassie but it does have a few satellite campuses. The main one, in Hobart is located on the magnificent waterfront. The beautiful surroundings and crisp, clean air make studying a pleasure.

Tasmania University courses

UTAS is particularly well-equipped to provide world-class tuition for tertiary students in the following fields of study:

Agriculture & Environmental Science; Architecture & Design; Art, Music, Theatre; Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences; Business & Economics; Computing & IT; Education & Teaching; Engineering; Health Sciences & Community Care; Law; Marine & Antarctic; Maritime Studies; Media; Medicine; Nursing; Pharmacy; Psychology; Science.

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Hobart campuses

Wherever you study in Tasmania, the surroundings will be glorious. Here’s where you could be hitting the books in Hobart:

  • Sandy Bay – Set on 100 hectares in Sandy Bay, a beachside suburb just five minutes’ drive south of the CBD, the main Hobart campus is where you’ll find the Conservatorium of Music, the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, the College of Health and Medicine, the School of Creative Arts/Art and the Menzies Research Institute.
  • Richmond – Just 20 minutes’ drive from Hobart’s city centre are facilities in quaint Richmond. The College of Sciences and Engineering is there, including the 320-hectare University Farm.
  • Cambridge – About 15 minutes’ drive from Hobart is Cambridge, the site for UTAS’s observatories and the Grote Reber Physics Museum.

Launceston campus

One of Australia’s oldest cities, Launceston in the state’s north is rich with historic buildings. UTAS’S Newnham campus is a short drive from the city’s heart and overlooks the Tamar River. Set on 50 hectares, Newnham provides a wonderful learning environment and is where you’ll find the Australian Maritime College. It’s also home to the extraordinary Human Interface Technology Lab (HITLab AU), a unique facility where ground-breaking advances are being achieved in this incredible field.

Nearer the city is UTAS’s Inveresk satellite campus with its award-winning facilities including the School of Architecture and Design and the School of Creative Arts/Art & Theatre.

Burnie campus

On Tassie’s breathtaking north-west coast is UTAS’s award-winning Cradle Coast campus. The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture is there, a joint venture between UTAS and the Tasmanian Government. Also at Cradle Coast is the University’s Rural Clinical School which offers training for health and medical students and provides experience in clinical care training specifically in rural and remote settings.

There is also a UTAS campus in Darlinghurst, Sydney which offers nursing and paramedicine education.

On-campus accommodation

UTAS offers on-campus living on all sites. There are three options in Hobart, four in Newnham and one each at Inveresk and Burnie. Living on campus, you get to part of a student community; meet new people to study and socialise with! You’ll also likely save time and money because you won’t have to travel to your lectures.

The Uni can also assist with Homestay placements and accommodation for international students aged under 18.

University of Tasmania fast facts

  • Australia’s fourth oldest University, UTAS celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2015.
  • Features in the top 300 Universities of the world.
  • Has received more teaching awards than any other University in Australia.
  • Around 38,000 students with more than 4,400 international students.
  • Offers more than 100 undergraduate and 150 postgraduate programs.
  • UTAS offers affordable tertiary education. Its tuition fees are lower than those of the ‘Group of Eight’ Universities but the quality of education is no less.

Niche programs offered by UTAS

Thanks to its close proximity to Antarctica and the island state’s unique ecosystem, the school offers niche courses such as marine and Antarctic science, polar health, and environmental law and governance. As the only University in the state, UTAS enjoys mutually beneficial partnerships with the State Government, corporate organisations, the Australian Antarctic Division and the CSIRO research agency.

Famous former UTAS students

Possibly the most famous UTAS alum of all is Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark who graduated in 1995 with a combined Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws degree. Australian Senator Christine Milne of the Greens Party, Olympic swimmer Shane Gould, novelist Richard Flanagan, 60 Minutes reporter Charles Wooley and David Walsh, owner of the Museum of Old & New Art (MONA) all studied at UTAS.

Why UTAS is international students’ pick of Tasmania Universities

Again, we have to say, it’s the only Tassie University. But for starters, International students love the opportunity to study in a place where there is so much opportunity for outdoor pursuits. They appreciate the safe, friendly and unique environment and the fact that UTAS is the best University for their chosen field.

Also, international students get the full Aussie experience in Tasmania. There are beaches, mountains and rivers, there is Australian bush and the whole state is teeming with native wildlife! Spot wallabies, possums and kangaroos. You can even watch southern right whales in October in the River Derwent! Pick apples, berries and stone fruits on local farms. Explore the wilderness, get to know Australia’s colonial past, have a drink in a classic Aussie pub or take a tour of Cascade Brewery, the oldest continually operating brewery in the country. Tasmania is a beautiful state, wherever you go and the opportunity to study there is a privilege that many international students appreciate very much.


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